Galenband provides clinicians with long-term heart data

Continuous heart rhythm monitoring accompanied by a powerful analysis platform supports clinicians in screening more individuals than ever before.

AI-driven continuous monitoring

Galenband handles the time-consuming screening process, enabling clinicians to deliver care more efficiently.

Increasing symptom capture rates from as low as 1.3% to a possible 85%
Records heart rhythm continuously for up to 90 days
Can be used in symptom-inducing environments
Recording requires no patient interaction
Automatic Report Generation
The Galenband wristband is equipped with advanced sensors for long-term biometric data collection
Gaseous Exchange Efficiency
Sleep Quality
Activity Tracking
AI-driven data analytics
Auto-generated Reports
Heart Cycle Interval
Heart Rate Variability
Beats per Minute
Advanced Heart Sensor
SpO2 Levels
Inferred Respiratory Rate
Atrial Fibrillation is the leading cause of heart failure & stroke
individuals have Atrial  Fibrillation
Low symptom capture rate
Condition prevalence
Globally, More than
of silent atrial fibrillation events are captured by the current most common monitoring method
of atrial fibrillation is asymptomatic, meaning patients don't know that an event has occurred
Current monitors struggle to detect symptoms in many cases. Galenband seeks to drastically increase detection rates by providing uninterrupted recording over a 90-day duration
of silent events are projected to be captured over Galenbands recording duration based on supporting literature
Effective treatments for Atrial Fibrillation already exists

Galenband seeks to provide clinicians with a comprehensive health profile so that they can provide patients with the treatment they require
Projected Galenband symptom capture rates
Elegantly addressing a complex problem
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International (English)
Galenband development is currently being funded by an Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund, which is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.